How To Use Ciclesonide Informarmation –

Ciclesonide Use Overview Given

Ciclesonide Is Prescribed to Prevent Asthma Attacks in Adults and Children 12 Years and Older, to Help to Prevent and Control Symptoms of Asthma. Ciclesonide Is a Man-Made Corticosteroid. It Prevents the Release of Substances in the Body That Cause Inflammation. The Generic Name for Ciclesonide Is Ciclesonide.

Ciclesonide Inhalation Is Not Meant to Treat an Asthma Attack That Has Already Begun. It Will Not Work Fast Enough. Use Only a Fast-Acting Inhalation Medicine to Treat an Asthma Attack. Talk with Your Doctor If Any of Your Asthma Medications Do Not Seem to Work as Well in Treating or Preventing Asthma Attacks.

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Ciclesonide Can Weaken Your Immune System, Making It Easier for You to Get an Infection. Steroids Can Also Worsen an Infection You Already Have, or Reactivate an Infection You Recently Had. Before Taking Ciclesonide, Tell Your Doctor About Any Illness or Infection You Have Had Within the Past Several Weeks.

While Using Ciclesonide You Should Avoid Being near People Who Are Sick or Have Infections. Call Your Doctor Immediately for Preventive Treatment If You Are Exposed to Chickenpox or Measles. These Conditions Can Be Serious or Even Fatal in People Who Are Using Steroid Medication.

Ciclesonide Inhalation May Be Harmful to an Unborn Baby. Tell Your Doctor If You Are Pregnant or Plan to Become Pregnant During Treatment. Ciclesonide Inhalation May Be Able to Pass into Breast Milk, and Could Harm a Nursing Baby. If You Expect to Be Breastfeeding a Baby, Talk to Your Doctor First.

Some Medical Conditions Can Affect Your Ability to Use Ciclesonide Safely and Effectively. Be Sure to Tell Your Doctor About Any Existing Medical Conditions or Concerns You May Before Starting Your Treatment.

Serious Side Effects of Ciclesonide Can Include Allergic Reaction, Wheezing, Choking, or Other Breathing Problems After Using Ciclesonide, Sores or White Patches in Your Mouth or Throat, Vision Problems, Such as Tunnel Vision or Blurred Vision, or Worsening Asthma Symptoms.

More Common, Less Serious Side Effects of Ciclesonide May Include Unpleasant Taste in Your Mouth, Dry Mouth, Burning or Irritation in Your Mouth, White Patches or Sores Inside Your Mouth, Runny or Stuffy Nose, Sore Throat, Hoarse Voice, Mild Itching or Skin Rash, Joint Pain, Back Pain or Headache.

Some Other Medications Can React Badly with Ciclesonide So Be Sure to Tell Your Doctor About Any Other Prescriptions, Over-The-Counter Drugs, Vitamins, or Herbal Remedies You Are Taking. Do Not Start Anything New Without Telling Your Doctor First.

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