Smart Buildings – More Energy Efficiency

The smartest people in the commercial real estate sector agree–if we really got energy productivity in buildings appropriate using smart constructing technologies, corporations can save so much cash that there can be little need for solar panels or windmills. While many experts are still strong fans of these alternative energy sources, that they agree that intensive energy efficiency measures would have very spectacular good success.

On the particular other hand, presently there are an increasing number of people today who are expanding disenchanted with the energy efficiency movement. It is not they are against typically the idea, it really seems like it is an “all or even nothing” proposition, and one of the particular major aspects regarding smart building technologies is the influence they can experience on OPERATIONS and TENANT SAFETY/SATISFACTION while well as vitality efficiency–which solar sections and windmills may offer.

In our own world of structures, a world of which impacts us just about every time we enter in an office, shopping mall, school or sporting venue, and an atmosphere that requires some sort of great amount of operational support, why completely ignore the operational benefits, financial in addition to human productivity possibilities, and tenant safety/satisfaction potential of clever, connected, high efficiency smart buildings?

This kind of new generation regarding smart buildings, throughout which an THIS infrastructure is set on top regarding a building plus every electro-mechanical gadget is IP enabled and connected together with the opportunity to send files and stay controlled, will provide energy savings and a GOOD DEAL EVEN MORE. The concept regarding centralized portfolio handle with dramatically reengineered workflow, combined together with advanced data stats and visualization, can have an similar (if not greater) influence on the operational and tenant satisfaction main point here of the building when comparing vitality efficiency and cost savings.

Building owners treatment a lot regarding the costs associated with running a building. If these point out of the artwork concepts and systems can significantly decrease operating costs, the reason why not exploit of which fact? These points should be included on the overall strategy when cost-justifying typically the retrofitting of present buildings. It tends to make sense to consider every single aspect of these intelligent and wise buildings. Go coming fromهوشمند-سازی-ساختمان-در-تهران/ with energy effectiveness but , by no means stop now there; operational efficiency plus tenant satisfaction will certainly round out typically the complete justification intended for making smart building investments.

One small , and yet interesting sort of this approach would likely be the administration of fire extinguishers. Despite more technologies within an iPhone as compared to we had on the first space start, we continue every month to walk every square ft . of our complexes looking for a fireplace extinguisher which has a small paper card attached and a pit to punch. With a pretty basic intelligent building technology, we can connect those open fire extinguishers to the network and keep an eye on them in big time, with minimal future financial investment decision. This also has got a good durability aspect, once we are not using natural resources to transport people in their search for cards in order to punch.

Another area relevant to intelligent building technology having a very fast payback is digital signs. Even though the components and technology costs have grown to be very competitive, we continue to rely on negative based solutions to talk information in each of our lobbies. If you look at the particular cost and method, with multiple people and methods regarding finding a tenant’s title up on a lobby sign, it is just a very unproductive method to communicate renter information. In add-on to a very simple tenant directory, electronic signage can in addition offer advertising (potential revenues), and flames life safety data in the event of an urgent situation.

Several different areas regarding a building’s operations would benefit greatly from automation: HVAC, lighting, security/access, energy, fire/life/safety, lifts, drinking water management, landscaping/irrigation, music visual, digital signs, parking, voice/data and more.

If we genuinely want to get our buildings to the next level of sophistication and take full advantage of all available technologies, then start off thinking of the 3 categories which make a smart building–energy efficiency and conservation, operational efficiency, tenant security and satisfaction. If we include all associated with these categories inside of our financial validation models, it turns into a far easier selection to retrofit and move our properties in the 21st millennium.