Step By Step Instruction on How to Create Catchy Hip Hop Beats

As with any career paths, creating music has many specializations and creating hip hop beats is one such niche. Hip hop is a very popular and seemingly evolving type of music genre that doesn’t seem to leave the music making industry.

This type of music allows artists to express themselves a lot, specially their views to changes in society, religion and politics. If you want to devote your music making career in creating beats then you should make sure you have your samples ready. The more prepare you are the easier it will be to create your very own hip hop masterpieces.

Steps in Creating Catchy Hip Hop Beats

Begin with the drums

You have to understand and know your exclusive beats for sale  with the use of the drums. There are pre-recorded ones or you could maximize your creativity and make your own drum loops. You have to create the measures needed (2-4 measures long) so that you can create the solid hip hop foundation that you need.

Integrate the bass

Bass is another essential element of hip hop beats. It’s what makes them catchy. The bass should be given equal importance as the drumming. When the drums and the bass lines are complete, this is when you start pouring out your creativity.


Your basic beat of drums and bass should be decorated with musical instruments. This is the element that will complete the beat that you have already created. You can use any instrument in the orchestra. It’s limitless once you have your creative juices flowing.

Add in your samples

To make your hip hop beats vary you have to add in sample music. These samples could be a pre-recorded piece made by you or another artist. If it’s from another artist make sure to ask for permission to use that part of the composition.

Add in some effects

Effects really make the hip hop beats unique and unforgettable to the listener. This can lead to the distinctiveness of your piece, making it stand out from all other compositions. Some use compression, reverb or delay as standard effects.