The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Triangle

The concept of the Knowledge broker blueprint program is highlydependent on the idea that most people across the globe prefer to seek information from professionals. This means that what you come up with, in your master group should contain valuable input from established figures in an industry. Your event goes through four main stages that if well done leads to the attainment of success. This is what the KBB triangle refers to. In this KBB Method 2.0 review, a brief explanation and illustration of the content is given in details. Below is what the triangle entails.

  • Using knowledge to create a road map to success- The main tool used here is knowledge which is a very powerful tool which creates a road map to success of anyone involved in the KBB.
  • Implementation of information –So as to get productive results, information is implemented in the right way to enhance the smooth running of the program.
  • Impact on trainees –What really matters most is the output and that refers to the impact that the program instills in the trainees, do they gain from it or is it a waste of resources and time?
  • Success – And finally the success of it all. At the end of it what matters is whether there was success or failure after keenly following the steps of using knowledge to create a road map to success, implementation of information and the impact on trainees.


One most important fact to note is that, it’s not that there isn’t a lot of good information out there, it’s the fact that there is so much terrible info out there from unsuccessful people who never tried or have given up too soon without putting any real effort in or who followed crap info to begin with. KBB requires effort.