The reasons to be part of a fantasy cricket league


In the last few years fantasy cricket league has gone on to generate immense popularity. People are in love with this game. Millions of people indulge in this game from remote regions of the globe and in a country like India it has gone on to become immensely popular in the last few years. The emotions of the people are connected with the game. The masses are excited to play this game and presently you do have an opportunity to be part of this game. Gone are the days where you had to restrict yourself by watching the game.

When you play fantasy cricket it is a strategy based game. Being a virtual game you need to develop a team from real cricketers. Based on their performance or activity you end up earning points. Such performances are part of the real games. The essence of this game is that you need to develop a team of 11 players. The teams are playing on a particular day and they might generate more points than others. Anyone can be part of fantasy cricket and earn real cash in the process. So gets the ball rolling when it comes to fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket

It goes without saying that fantasy cricket is a skilled based game. When you are playing this game you need to be analytical and there is a need to develop predictive abilities. Coupled with the fact you need to have good knowledge about the game of cricket. Make sure that you collect proper information about the game so that you may beat the odds. By undertaking such a procedure you can win the game. Even it is possible to play the game online all over the world and earn cash.

Playing and entitled to cash prizes

Most of us have a hidden dream to own a team and observe on how the team performs. Now all this dreams can be fulfilled if you engage in a game of fantasy cricket. When you are playing this game you earn money. It is not a game of punting or gambling. Before playing the game you need to know about the game in details. Observe the statistics of the players and check out the pitch report. Make sure that you watch out for the players who would make a major difference as it is going to provide you with a definite edge.

Once you have all the information you can outscore your opponents. Start off the game with a selection of a single or a couple of wicket keepers.  Then you need to choose a minimum of three batsmen. At the most you can opt for a couple of all-rounders. The selection of three or more bowlers could emerge. A point to consider is that the combinations might vary. Once again it is going to depend upon the teams that are playing cricket. The pitch conditions also have an influence as it might be a bowling or a batting pitch.

The moment selection process is over then in fantasy cricket you need to choose the captain and the vice – captain. Since it is going to give you vital points your analytical skills has to be precise. Their choice is important as they are going to provide you with 2 x and 1.5 X points respectively. Any time your team wins prizes you are entitled to cash prizes.

The team that you develop will help you earn prizes. Just focus on the leader board during the game and it is going to provide you the details of where you stand. It is possible to determine where you finish during the game. There are some apps which helps you develop teams on a session by session basis. For example if you are not satisfied with the performance of a particular team during the game, then you can change the team in the latter session. In fact there is every possibility that you would do better in the second stage. If you happen to be in winning positions you can end up earning cash. Mostly the money is credited to your account with deduction in terms of taxes.

The benefits of fantasy cricket

Hardly there is anyone among us who does not like the game of cricket. Hence it is necessary that you have a proper knowledge about the game of cricket. It provides a viable opportunity for all. Just consider it as an exercise for your brain tissues. The game is full of excitement and compelling at the same time. Even if you are facing challenges when you play this game do not take a step back. Do not miss playing the game as there are various benefits when you indulge in fantasy cricket.

If you have gone on to set your mind that you will be playing this game then you will learn a lot. For example if you have skills and knowledge about the game then your experience and skills come to the fore. It is considering the fact that if you play the game you would not mind to engage the thinking community. As you are the owner of the team complete control lies in your hand. You can decide whom to choose and whom to discard when you are choosing a team. It is necessary to ensure that the game becomes a tinge interesting. Since prizes are on offer it is quiet natural for the people to be part of this game. You can indulge in this game with your colleagues and friends and allow them to soak in the excitement.

To conclude playing the game is not that easy as it may sound. There are a few protocols that you need to follow. Firstly you need to download the app and then undertake the registration. During the course of registration you need to provide you email id or phone number. Then you choose the game that you want to play. Starting off by picking the players who will give you imminent results.